World Water Day Quotes Slogan SMS Messages

World Water Day Quotes Slogan SMS Messages : World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22nd of March by the people all across the world. The day was established to be celebrated as an annual event in the year 1993 by the decision of the United Nations General Assembly. This campaign was declared as a World Day for Water to be celebrated on 22nd of March each year to increase the awareness among the people about the importance, need and conservation of water.

World Water Day Quotes Slogan SMS Messages

Water Day

Jal He To Kal He,
Jal Nahi To Kuch Nahi.

Jal Hi Dhan Hai, Jal hi jeevan hai,
Jal Hai To Hum Hai, Jal Hai to Kal Hai

Jal Bachye Kal Bachye.
Aap Paani Ko Bachao Or Paani apko Bachayega.

Jal Jeevan ka Anmol Ratan,
ise Bachane Ka Karo Jatan.

Agar Chahte Ho tum Dekhna Jal Ki Nirmal Dhara.
Ise Bachane Ka Tum Karo Vaada.

Jal Bachao Jivan Bnao.
Sunday Kay Sunday Nahoo.

Pani Agar Na Bachhao Gay ,
Khud Pyaasay Reh Jaaoge.

Pani Ko Bachana Hai ,
Aane Wali Peedi Ko Kuch Dikhana Hai.

Jal Bachao , Dharati Bachao.
Jo Paani Ko Bachayega , Samajdhaar Wo He Kehlaayega.

Bacche Boodhe Or Jawan , Paani Bachakay Banay Mahaan.
Rashtrya Hit Main Yog Karo.Paani Ka sad Upyog Karo.

13) Pani Toh Anmol Hai Ushko Bachha Kay Rakhiye,
Barbad Mat Kijiye Jeene Ka Salika Sikiye.

Pani Ko Tarasthay hai Dharti Pay Log Yaahan,
Pani Hi Toh Daulat Hai Pani Sa Dhan Kaha.

Jal Ka Sadupyog Karo, Jara na Durupyog Karo.

Jal Se Sabkey Bujhati Pyas,
Jal Hai KAM Apnay Paas.

Encourage people around the world
to sign up for the Dow Live Earth Run
for Water and help millions of people
gain access to this vital resource.
So Enjoy world water day.

Don’t drink un-boiled water.
Because Fish live in water without pampers.
Please Take Seriously..!
Happy World Water Day

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