The hidden face of humanity ‘Dabangg Khan in’

The hidden face of humanity ‘Dabangg Khan in’ : Bollywood superstar Salman Khan Dabangg on the silvery curtain,kick,meine pyar kiya,hum aapke hain koun & Ek Tha Tiger So many have seen in movies such as acting but the humanity aspect of their personality Probably not many people know about the

The hidden face of humanity 'Dabangg Khan in'

Salman khan

Ever black deer hunting ever hit-and-run court case than the media often saddled with the tip-up because of the living Salman very silently commit their deeds of charity to live.

Renowned scriptwriter Salim Khan, Salman Khan’s son in 2002. “Human Binig as’ a non-governmental organization founded and helped many needy people.Maharashtra and outside the organization by adopting several villages have changed their fate.  The organization’s main objective in these villages is to promote the spread of education and health facilities.

It is only a coincidence that the same year, ie in 2002, one of Salman’s car accident one person was killed and four others injured.Subsequently, on September 28 Salman was arrested and put in jail for a few days.

Bandra police station lockup off by Salman and his family refused to eat food brought from home and ate the same food that the rest of the prisoners were jailed. A few days later,Khan was granted bail in this case. Police sources said.

In 2002, the Bombay High Court verdict on the PIL, the actor who died in the accident and seriously injured person’s  family 10 million to 3 million and another half million ordered to pay the final compensation.

May 6, 2015 for all of the super star Salmaan Bombay High Court to 5 years imprisonment, the moment Salmaan two days relief received, Salmaan’s sentence hearing of Salmaan’s
fans on the faces of sadness stick are, Salman’s family can also took the news in

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