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Whatsapp Awesome Cool status Update

Whatsapp Awesome Cool status UpdateHello guys hope you all doing good. Now a day’s Whatsapp is the great way to express your thoughts and status share messages between your friends,relatives and colleagues. Almost every internet user is using Whatsapp. You can also use Whatsapp Messenger 

Whatsapp Awesome Cool status Update

Cool Status

People of my age are busy with
relation,break up,patch up
and i Am still figuring out a way
to wake up before 10 am.

My lazyness Is Like 8
When I Lie down it Becomes infinity

Study Economics.
when You’re unemployed,
at least you’ll know why

There are 3 Types of People in the world:
Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian
& Tuesday- Saturday

Please be patient even a toilet
can handle only one asshole at a time

Life is short,Chat fast.

Hey there,Whatsapp Is using Me

Battery about to die, Iam about to live!
Agrasshopper is nothing but a mosquito gone hulk.

Women-God’s Version of rubik’s Cube.

Accept That Women Some days You re The Pigeon,
and Some days are the statue.

When I Was born, I was so surprised
that i Didn’t talk for two years!

You are too Jobless if you are reading this.

Block karde Mujhko
Warna Pyaar ho jaayega tujhko.

Jidhar apna Crush Hai
udhar hich sala Rush Hai
and Filhaal Timepass ke liye
Only Cand Crush Hai