Puzzel Game SMS-Messages In Hindi

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Puzzel Game SMS-Messages In Hindi


1 admi apni har brthday pe
ek rupiya jama krta hai Jb wo 60vi
brthday pe khzana torta hai tu us
mei 15rupy hoty hain..Q?

Ans: His birthday comes on 29 Feb

5 Frogs Are Sitting On a Log.
4 Decide To Jump Off.
How many Are Left?

Ans: Still 5 left.
Moral: There is a Lot of Difference
Between Deciding and Doing.

Line 1= You are a nice Person.
Line 2= Line 1 is True.
Line 3= Line 2 is False, if Line1 is True.
Line 4= Both 2 and 3 are Correct.
Line 5= Line 4 is Wrong.
Confused ?
Good! Now Confuse Others.

Complete this 8 letter word:
1. Girls use it
2. Boys love it and
3. Parents hate it?
You are brilliant if you say the answer
within today… reply me as fast as you can
You can send it to your friends to get the answer..!!

Tomorrow’s Yesterday Is Today,
‘n Yesterday’s Tomorrow Is Also Today…
Today’s Yesterday Was Yesterday’s Today,
So…Tomorrow’s Today Is Today’s Tomorrow.. !
Read Carefully..

( Y.T.E.M.A.H.R )
Is Alphabets ko Setting Kar Ke
1 Romantic Word Banta hai.
Ye Wo Bana Sakta hai Jis Ne Kisi
ko Pyar Kya Ho.
It’s Challenge for You Reply Must.
Answer: MY HEART

1 larka 1 larki ko roz tang
karta tha 1 din larki tang aa
kar boli k kal main tmhain 1
jumla btao’n gi agr tm ny
jwab dy dya to main tm sy
shadi kar lon gi agly din larki
ny larky ko bola ( agr tum ny
mujy shadi k din phol na dia
to teri meri love story
Larki ka name btao isi jumly
mein hai.

Ek Dukaan Wala Ek Chocolate 1 Rs.
Mein Deta Hai
Aur Aap Chocolate Ke 3 Khaali
Packets De Kar
1 Chocolate Free Le Sakte Hain…
Agar Aap Ke Paas 15 Rs. Hain Toh
aap kitne chocolate kha sakhte hai?

Purane zmane me 1baba ji bachi or 1bakri
k sath ja rhe thy.rasty me 1admi ne unse
3 swal poche. 1:apki umr kitni hy?
2:is bchi se apka kia rishta hy?
3:is bakri ki kia qimat hy? Baba ji ne
sirf 1lafz kaha or un sb swalo ka jwab de diya..
Btaiye wo lafz kia tha?reply mUST.

Aik ——- larki
——- par beath kar
——-geet ga rahi thi.
In blanks main aik he tara ka word fill karna ha.
Let’s see how much intellgent you r.
Give me Ans..it is challenge for you dear

Is swaal ka jwaab de dia to hm aapko whtsapp king kahenge.
Q- Baap ne beti ko 1 gift diya aur kaha bhuk lage to kha lena…
Pyaas lage to pee lena or thand lage to jala lena..
Ye gift kya hai..! Challenge 4u!

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