Positive ,Motivation Thought For Life In Hindi & English

Positive ,Motivation Thought For Life  In Hindi & English : Now our editors find out some best Inspirational text messages and sayings about life in Hindi. Send this type of text to friends or relatives because it is a great way to inspire others with quotations. Our perfect collection of tauji365.in provides you encouragement every day and gives to life more meaning to get motivated. Here you can get Thoughts SMS, Wise Quotes, Motivational SMS or many more.

Positive ,Motivation Thought For Life  In Hindi & English

Life Inspiration

Kisi Rishte Ko Todne Se Pehle,
Ek Baar Ye Soch Lena Chahiye,
Ke Ab Tak Uss Rishte Ko Nibha Kyu Rahe The.


Wonderful Sentence By God:
“Tum Sone Se Pehle Sab Ko Maaf Kar Diya Karo..,
Tumhare Jaagne Se Pehle Mein Tumhe Maaf Kar Dunga..


Jiyo Itna Ki Life Kam Pad Jaye,
Haso Itna Ki Rona Difficult Ho Jaye,
Kisiko Pana Ho To Destiny Ki Baat He,
Magar Chaaho Itna Ki God Dene Par Mujbur Ho Jaye..


Zindagi Kya Hai..??
Kabhi Apne Aapko Phone Laga Ke Dekho!
Engage Tone Sunai Degi,
Duniya Se Milne Me Har Koi Mast He,
Aur Apne Aap Se Milne Ki Sari Lines Vyast Hai..
Ye Hai Zindagi..!


Ishq Dil Ki Baat Hai Koi RIVAJ Nahi,
Ishq Vishwas Hai Koi BANAVAT Nahi,
Ishq HAQ Ki Baat Hai Koi FARJ Nahi,


Life Ki Har Situation Me Hamesha 2 Raaste Hote Hain.
1 – Bhaaaaaag Lo (Run Away)
2 – Bhaag Lo (Participate)

Zindagi Aapki He, Isliye Soch Lo..


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