Happy Pongal Text-Messages SMS In Hindi & English

Happy Pongal Text-Messages SMS In Hindi & English : The harvest festival of Pongal is celebrated with pomp and gaiety in Tamil Nadu. It is a Tamil festival, which corresponds to Makar Sankranti- the harvest festival celebrated in different parts on India, on 14th of January, every year. Pongal is also known as Thai Pongal, since it is celebrated on the Tamil month of ‘Thai’. The festival is marked by a number of interesting activities and rituals. People exchange gifts and wishes with their loved ones, on Pongal. When it comes to sending wishes to relatives and friends on festivals, like Pongal, SMS is the most chosen way. This is because sending text messages is the easiest and fastest way to convey wishes. In this article, we have compiled some of the most popular text messages for Pongal.

Happy Pongal Text-Messages SMS In Hindi & English

Happy pongal

While you reading this messages
I hope My Pongal Wishes will spread you
like the sweet Pongal milk
Happy Pongal


May the love and affection
Overflows from your heart
like Pongal milk from the pot
Pongalo pongal



As the Pongal overflows from the pot
I wish you everlasting happiness and peace
Filled with wealth and health
Happy Pongal


Hope your Pongal was great
You have been garlanded by boss
Happy mattu Pongal


Mattu Pongalo Pongal
Hope you got enough food
on this Pongal


May your boss give you more
Salary, and better position
Happy Mattu Pongal to you


May this Pongal brings
Bring luck and prosperity to your home
And fill your heart with harmony and happiness
Happy Pongal!


As you celebrate Pongal with fun and feast
I wish you a great harvest and prosperity
In all those years to Come
Pongal Vazhthahakal


Pongal is a great Festival
May God sun bless you continues
and give your great harvest again and again
Happy Pongal


Pongalo pongal.
Happy pongal ro you
And to your family and friends.
Pongal Vazhthakal



Wishing you a pongal
That brings you luck and prosperity
Brings you the blessings
Happy pongal


A pongal with happiness and joy
A pongal with fun and joy
That is what my pongal wishes to you
Wishing you happy pongal


My warm pongal wishes to you
Convey my regards to everybody
Enjoy Pongal and Feast
Pongal Vazhthakal


Let us thank the sun
For burning himself to give us life
Let us thank Plants
For sacrificing themself for us
Let us thank cattels and animals
For Helping us to sustain our life
Pongal Vazhthakal



Pongalo Pongal
May the warmness and joy of the festival
Spreads in your and your dears Heart
And let it spread to the nears
Like a pleasent pongal
Wishing you a pongal filled with fun and joy
Pongal Vazhthakal



May this auspicious festival bring you
Overflowing happiness, joy and prosperity
Wishing you a blessed and happy Pongal!
May the SWEETNESS of overflowing milk and sugarcane
Fill your home with harmony and happiness
Wishing you the best and prosperous Pongal!


The sun shines bright
To guide and lead us the way
Towards bountiful harvest season
May you be blessed with prosperity and joy
Happy Pongal!

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