Happy Mahavir Jayanti Best Wishes SMS

Happy Mahavir Jayanti Best Wishes SMS : Lord Mahavir jayanti 2015 facebook Status update information has been available here.check out the best collection of lord mahavir swami jayanti text messages for greetings and wishes,Quotes,Songs,Saying,Poem,Messages and facebook status For You & your Friends

Happy Mahavir Jayanti Best Wishes SMS

Mahavir jayanti

Arihant ki boli
siddhon ka saar
Acharyon ka path
sadhuo ka sath
Ahinsa ka prachar
Happy Mahavir Jayanti

May Lord Mahavir
Bless you abundantly
and Fill your life with
the virtue of truth
Non Violence & External Compassion
Happy Mahavir Jayanti

Tu karta he jo tu chahta hai
par hota he woh jo me chahta hu
tu woh kar jo me chahta hu
phir wo hoga jo tu chahta hai
Happy Nahavir Jayanti

Arihant Ki boli
siddon ka saar
acharyaon ka path
saaduon ka saath
Ahinsa ka vichar
aur man mein ho ahinsa ka vichar

Mahavir Jinka naam hai
paalitana jinka dhaam hai
ahinsa jinka naara hai
aise trishna nandan ko
Laakh Pranaam Hamara hai

Adopt the path of truth
knowledge and non violence
Happy Mahavir Jayanti

May Loard vardhmaan mahavir
bless your life with khowledge
Happy Mahavir Jayanti

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