Happy Dattatreya Jayanti Best Wishes Messages In English Hindi

Happy Dattatreya Jayanti Best Wishes Messages In English Hindi : Dattatreya Jayanti is a Hindu festival celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Lord Dattatreya who was a popular sage. This festival occurs in December or January during Margasheersha month on the full moon day. Dattatreya is regarded as the avatar of Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. On this day, in human form the trinity God appeared on earth to guide humanness. On Margasheersha purnima day, people worship and carry out procession.

Celebrated on 5th December 2014 (Friday) On the full moon day of Margashirsha the feast of Datta Jayanti is celebrated. In ancient times there was a very austere rishi called Atri. He was believed to be the mental son of Brahmadev, because he had been born from the splendour of Brahmadev’s eyes. His wife’s name was Anasuya, who was a model of conjugal fidelity. In heaven Naradmuni used to tell the gods very interesting stories about Anasuya’s fidelity to her husband. This provoked the jealousy of Sarasvati, Laxmi, and Parvati, who decided to lower Anasuya’s reputation. They sent Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shankar or Shiva) to earth for the purpose of bringing about her disgrace. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh became three guests, and seeing that Atri was not in his house, they knocked at the door. Anasuya at once welcomed the guests. She got food ready for them and requested them to have a meal. Then they said that they would eat only on one condition. The strange condition was that Anasuya should serve them the food without any clothes on.


Happy Dattatreya Jayanti Best Wishes Messages In English Hindi

Datt Jyanti

God’s blessings come as a
surprise but how much u receive
depends on how much ur heart
may u b blessed beyond
ur expectations!!
happy datta jayanti

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